Comparing accounting service prices in Phnom Penh

I contacted about 100 accountants by email and received quotes from 18. Obviously, accounting can get very complex and this is just purely a price comparison, not an evaluation of the quality of the service. This is merely intended as a reference and starting point. It is certainly necessary to do your own thorough research.

With the disclaimer out of the way, here are the details of the comparison. The assumed business case is a limited liability company with no employees and only a few transactions per month. I asked for quotes for the legally required monthly and annual tax declarations as well as bookkeeping service. It was not always clear what exactly is included in the service, so these numbers should be taken with a grain of salt. But I thought it was still an interesting & enlightening exercise. Just for fun, I also threw in some of the big accounting firms.

It seems setting up and running a limited liability company in Cambodia involves quite a bit of bureaucracy and does not come cheap. Barachina CPAs quoted a cost of about $1,200 just for the setup fees payable to the government. Besides, it appears that tax laws are vague and the tax officers have strong incentives to interpret them in ways, so as to increase tax revenue. For these reasons, and because they said a single-member private limited company was “unusual”, Barachina CPAs did not even want to consider taking me on as client. Brian from Covenant suggested that, in my case, it would be probably more advisable to set up a company in a low-tax jurisdiction and then bill clients through that entity. Clients will then have to deduct 14% withholding tax from your invoices. However, in the end, that will amount to less than all the various taxes owed by a LLC, plus it involves none of the red tape.

As for the fees the accountants charge, here is a rough summary (not including the big accounting firms):

Monthly tax declaration: avg $137/m ($70-$240)

Annual tax declaration: avg $295/y ($120-$550)

Monthly bookkeeping: avg $177/m ($100-$250)

What was a bit disappointing is how few responded to my inquiry. Out of about 100, only 24 bothered to get back to me. Quite a few emails were invalid, even though some of them were taken from the member list of the Kampuchea Institute of CPA and Auditors dated December 2015 (you can access the list here). Below is the list of all accounting firms that came back to me with an answer (not necessarily a quote, tough). If anyone wants to see the actual quoted prices, they can leave their contact info in the comments, and I will send it to them.

Name Email KICPAA member
AT & Associates (Cambodia) [email protected] Yes
Barachina Consulting [email protected] Yes
BSE Accounting [email protected] No
Cambotax Accounting [email protected] No
Camer-Go Limited [email protected] No
CH NG Associates [email protected] Yes
Chan & Associates [email protected] Yes
Chhin Heng Accounting [email protected] No
Covenant Cambodia [email protected] Yes
Crowe Horwath (KH) [email protected] Yes
Deloitte (Cambodia [email protected] Yes
Donasco & Company Ltd. CPAs [email protected] Yes
EBM Co Ltd [email protected] No
Em Tola [email protected] No
Grant Thornton (Cambodia) [email protected] Yes
HR Group Cambodia [email protected] No
HRDP & Associates [email protected] Yes
KH Business Consulting [email protected] No
NAS [email protected] Yes
PAT Professional Limited [email protected] Yes
PMH Asia Family [email protected] No
PricewaterhouseCoopers [email protected] Yes
Rosoco Ltd [email protected] Yes
V Chartered Accountants [email protected] Yes

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